The Collective

Hand Drill

Primitive Arts Collective is a school founded by Tom Brown III that is designed to help foster a better understanding of nature and the earth by learning and practicing the ancient skills that sustained our ancestors. By doing so we develop a deeper connection with life itself, and learn how to exist in an ever-changing world.

By Learning these primitive art forms not only do we establish a deeper connection with our ancestors, but we learn about nature itself. From things we gather in the wild places we can make any tool we may need, we can build shelter, and find food. When we are in such direct contact with our past and the world around us we look upon the world through a different lens, one of reverence, respect, and thanksgiving.

An underlying goal for Primitive Arts Collective is to help people re-capture their ability to be self-sufficient. In the last century we have seen our ability to take care of our needs stolen from us by the convenience of modern society. Years ago people had the knowledge and understanding to repair their houses, fix cars, and grow their own food to name a few. By learning primitive skills people get in touch with the creative spirit that is unique to our species and it is not long before we want to learn the modern skills necessary to maintain our lives. The more we learn, the closer we get to true freedom.

By looking upon the world as our ancestors did we realize the importance of being creative, connected beings. Learning of their time teaches us to be caretakers of the earth and its inhabitants, for they are what takes care of us. When we view the modern world through a primitive eye we are better able to make the choices necessary to carry us into a brighter future.

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