February 2014

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Happy New Year!!!!!

Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful year so far. I know we have! I wanted to write to fill you in on what I have been up to and some new schedule announcements, As well as some exciting new projects!

Lisa and I just got back from a weeklong trip to Ketchikan, Alaska. All that I can say is WOW!!! I had never been to Alaska before and I am in love! We took some amazing wanders along the beach and up into the mountains as well as checked out a ton of native history. I have always held a special fascination with the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Their primitive living skills, art, and legends have always held a special place in my heart. Everything from their dwellings to their baskets were made into the most beautiful functional art that leaves me speechless when I stand in its presence. I am so thankful that so much of it has been preserved and is still practiced. We are already planning a longer summer trip and eventually may do some classes up there!


The 2014 schedule is coming along nicely and I still have dates available throughout the summer. Get in touch with us to set up a class in your area.

Here’s a quick rundown of my offerings so far– you can find more detailed info on my schedule page:

March 15-16 my good friend Bill Mcconnell from PAST skills will be teaching a “Primitive Arrow Making” class here in central Florida. I will be assisting him. He will be focusing on Arrows of the South Eastern peoples. We will be putting up the link on both our sites shortly. Bill is by far and away the best primitive hunter I know. This is a class not to be missed! Check out his website at www.pastskills.com

March 27-30
“Sacred order of survival class” in Virginia.

April 17-21
“Survival Scout” class in Arizona.

November 6-9
“Sacred Order of Survival” class in West Virginia.

I will be adding plenty to the schedule in the coming days so keep checking back!!

I am proud to announce that Grayman Knives are now the official knives of the Primitive Arts Collective!! Mike and Sue are awesome and make some of the finest most durable blades you can buy. I highly recommend them to all my students and have been for many years. I will be writing an article about my time with their blades that will be released in the near future. We will also be collaborating on an “Official” PAC blade as well!!! Go check them out www.graymanknives.com


That’s all for now folks! I hope to see you all soon!!

Giving Thanks,

Tom Brown III

December 2013

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WOW! It has been a long time since I used my blog.  Truthfully it has been a long time for many things. A long time since I put any real work into my school or my teaching.

All that has changed!

I now thankfully after a long time have some help. My good friend Evan Bergwall has signed on to be my “Consigliere” and business manager.  I could not be happier because I have a disdain for anything “Administrative”. My lack of understanding in these areas has caused me to miss some great teaching opportunities. Thankfully, Evan will be handling all my booking from now on. When you contact us about booking a class you can be assured that he will get back to you quickly and we can get everything set up. With Evan handling all the logistics it will allow me to focus on what I truly love to do. I am eager to pursue the things that really matter to me like learning from nature, teaching classes, and writing. At some point in the not to distant future you will see a book authored by yours truly.

2014 will be the greatest year yet for Primitive Arts Collective. There are many projects in the works. This year will bring many new classes and a TV venture like nothing you have seen yet. I will also be returning to New Jersey to collaborate on some classes with my father at the Tracker school.

In early February I will be teaching at the Florida Earth Skills Gathering. I love to teach at gatherings! It is awesome to both teach and learn from so many talented people. I will be teaching two classes; Primitive Hunting Techniques and a Stalking and Movement class. You can find a link to their site on my schedule page!

At the end of April, Bill Kaczor from Ancestral Knowledge and I will be teaching a “Sacred Order of Survival” class In Harpers Ferry, WV. It’s going to be an amazing class on a stunningly beautiful piece of land. Check out on the schedule page.

We are still putting together the calendar for the rest of the year so if you are interested in hosting a class please email us!

Many thanks to all of you that have supported my vision, and allow me to have the best job on the whole planet!! Much love..

I will be using this blog as a newsletter from time to time to keep everyone updated on what you can expect in the future from Primitive Arts Collective!

Give thanks,

Tom Brown III