Happy Winter!

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Stars, Bricks and Hermit Crabs

Greeting Everybody!

I hope this fall has been wondrous for you all! It surely has been for us. I feel that things in both my personal and business life have been going through rapid evolution. When I think back to where I was physically, mentally, and spiritually this time last year and superimpose it on the present day I feel truly blessed. This past year through a lot of hard work I am seeing my vision come into sharp focus, yet never forgetting how important the path is. As Grandfather says, “The Vision is the journey”. A year ago I was straying away from my vision. Today, I am running toward in full force.

A few weeks back, Bill Kaczor of Ancestral Knowledge (www.ancestralknowledge.org) and I taught a class in the beautiful fall West Virginia wilderness. Bill is an amazing teacher and dear friend and the class we held on wilderness survival was a huge success. I love watching people get their first taste of the primitive art forms our ancestors used for so many generations, watching that spark light within them that connects them to their heritage and more importantly, the earth and nature. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, “The path to salvation for our species lies in reconnection to nature”. Only when we as a global society realize how important this third rock from the sun is will we start to change our ways and work towards a better future for our children and grandchildren. Only when we reassume our roles as caretakers can we truly add to the great change that is happening to propel us into a bright future.

Two days ago Lisa and I returned from a four day camping trip to Dry Tortugas. For those who are not familiar, it is an island that lies about 70 miles west of Key West, Florida and is only accessible by boat or plane. It is in the middle of one of the largest marine preserves and home to protected coral reefs. In the late 1800’s it served as a Union controlled fort and military prison and is one of the largest brick structures of it’s era in the US. There is no fresh water source on the island, hence the name. The place is rich with history and I definitely encourage you to do some research if you’re curious.

What really make the place spectacular for me was the remoteness. The sea is a shade of emerald that is so amazing words cannot do it justice. The many species of coral, fish and other brothers and sisters of the sea come in all shapes and sizes and all colors of the rainbow. It is so far from any light pollution that at night the stars are so numerous and bright it brought tears to my eyes. In my travels I have been many remote places, but never have I gazed upon our galaxy like it is there. I think what affected us most on the trip other than the stunning beauty was the quiet that overcame us. Away from the noise, away from cell phone signals, wifi, electricity. Away from the constant hum that is omnipresent in our modern lives. We both felt truly grounded and connected to our surroundings. At night we could feel the energy of all the abundant life force around us without all the man-made clutter both visible and invisible. We swam. We played. We tracked, we observed. I have to say that out of all the life forms out there the ones I found most intriguing were the hermit crabs. They were everywhere. It was also a huge lesson for us in “collective consciousness”. If we spilled any fresh water on the ground or dropped food, the closest ones would notice and shuffle their way over slowly and start drinking or eating. Mere moments later dozens would start to converge on the area from far away places. We didn’t think they could have heard or smelled the food or water but once a few made it to the area the migration would start. It would happen even in the blackness of night with high wind noise in the trees. They would creep toward the area from 360 degrees, a denizen of single-occupancy shelled crustaceans no bigger than the damp leaf clutter they occupied. After lots of observation, our conclusion was simply the whole colony was connected via collective consciousness. I have yet to look up scientific research on the subject.

I think the biggest lesson we learned on our short trip was how good it felt to be unplugged from our modern world and reconnected to the energy that naturally surrounds and binds us all. On the island we went to bed shortly after dark and awoke with the sun each morning. We were back on the cycle we belonged to, not the one that has been made for us in our fast paced modern world.

Heres a link to the Video from our trip!

Things with Earth Village Eduction are moving forward at light speed. This winter our team is permanently moving to Overlook Farm in Virginia. There we will continue to build a self-sustaining educational community that will offer classes in all areas of self reliance skills. Primitive skills? Check. Permaculture and organic agriculture? Check. We will be hosting classes on everything from primitive fire making to sewing your own clothes. We hope to make the place into a premier institute on how to live a self sustaining lifestyle. As I said in previous posts the farm itself is solar and geothermal powered. We will grow and hunt the food not only for ourselves but also for our students. All within an hour and a half of our nation’s Capitol! We will be posting our schedule on our website. www.earthvillageeducation.org. Our website is currently down for maintenance and a makeover. It will be up and running again shortly! Big things are happening and we want you all to be a part of it. We will be looking for educators and speakers to come out and teach classes and each of us who lives on the property full time will be running classes in our particular area of expertise. It’s time to rebuild community and cut ties with a system that serves to keep us isolated, afraid and unable to provide for ourselves. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through Primitive Arts Collective or Earth Village Education’s websites! I hope to see you all down the road. Remember alone we are weak, together we are strong!

Always giving thanks,
Tom Brown III

August/September 2014

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Hey gang! I always love the month of August. It is still hot and sunny but if you look closely you can see the signs of nature getting ready to transition into the fall.  You may notice new bird species or realize that some have already flown. Plants may be flowering or going to seed, the days grow shorter. In primitive times,  August was a month of hard work preparing for winter.

We have been going full blast— traveling and teaching and building on some really great projects. Last month I talked about my partnership with Earth Village Education. We are in the process of turning a property in Marshall, Virginia into the premier earth skills learning institute in America. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the website,

www.earthvillageeducation.org. Our goal is to have the property ready for classes by the spring. In the coming months we will be hosting volunteers who live in the area or don’t mind a bit of a drive to come help us finish some of these projects. Solar and geothermal technology is implemented and the farm is off-grid so now we need some people with carpentry skills for support on construction projects. Currently we have one volunteer day a month but we will be looking to run some longer weekends. If you’re interested, come stay at the farm and help us build! We will have a great time doing it. We will be posting the dates for these rendezvous soon.

In September I will be instructing “Survival Scout Class” in Cumming, Georgia with my friend Chance Sanders of Spear Tip Tactics. This will be an awesome class where we learn the art of high speed, invisible survival. Links to resister can be found on the schedule page.

In our quest to work with like minded individuals we have recently designed a class  with Fred Busch (www.fredbusch.com) and Jeancarlo Avila (www.mixedmartialyoga.com) to offer a class at Busch’s beautiful Salamadhi Ranch in Colorado. Scheduled in October, this class will be a fusion of the Art and Science of Wilderness Survival and Jeancarlos Mixed-Martial Yoga. We are thrilled with this new collaboration and look forward to holding several classes a year at the ranch. I feel the fusion of two ancient art forms;  primitive living skills and yoga, will help people achieve an even better awareness of themselves and the natural world. If we are going to save our species and stop the destruction of the planet we need to evolve quickly. I feel we need to combine the caretaker mentality of our ancestors with all that we have learned in the modern era to become what I am calling “future primitive”. You will hear me talk more about this in upcoming writings. The class will run October 9-12 and links can be found to register on any of our websites. I encourage you to register quickly as there are a limited number of spaces.

That’s it for now. Thanks for staying tuned! I plan to switch to video blog format soon and I hope to see you all down the road. Now that you’ve read this, get away from your computer and go outside!

Tom Brown III

Leading with Earth Village Education

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Hello All!

I hope this letter finds you enjoying summer any way you see fit. As I write  I am flooded with images of people gardening, wandering in the woods, fishing, foraging wild edibles and breathing in all the new life around them. Summer reminds me of the mice people. They teach us to look close to the earth and find grandeur in the small things people miss. There is so much to see!

I  spent most of spring and early summer on the road traveling from place to place teaching classes. I have already been to so many beautiful places and saw dear old friends and made quite a few new ones. I will save some stories of these travels for later as I have a different purpose for writing to you today.

Since starting Primitive Arts Collective in 2009 it has been quite an adventure. It has brought me to some magnificent locations and introduced me to many awesome people. Being a “wandering” school has taught me many things. I think the biggest lesson after all my travels and all my teachings is that people definitely want to re-capture their self sufficiency. I realized early on that through primitive skills I was helping people grow closer to the earth by teaching them a skill set that allowed for true “freedom” by only collecting and making tools from the landscape. However, as great as that is, most people still choose to live in our modern society, myself included. That is when my vision changed. Why not teach other, more modern skills of self sufficiency as well? Why not teach people to grow their own food in harmony with the land? Why not show them how to build structures with the landscape instead of against it? Why not host all manner of classes to help people relearn to care for themselves?

A few months back I decided to partner with the non-profit organization Earth Village Education (www.earthvillageeducation.org), or EVE as we call it. EVE is run by my dear friend Evan Bergwall who was my business manager prior to my collaboration with EVE and joining the board of directors. We, with the help of donors, are turning a rural farm property that lies an hour and a half drive outside Washington DC into the premier  environmental learning institute in States! The name of the property is Overlook Farm and it was just taken off-grid with solar and geothermal energy!

We will serve as a centerpiece on how humans can live in harmony with the natural world while leaving minimal impact. We will host classes and workshops that allow students to learn the ways of primitive living skills, permaculture and organic agriculture as well as off-grid architecture and natural energy. I will continue to travel far and wide to teach and spread our message. Now more than ever we need this awareness as a species, for we are perched upon a precipice. We at EVE believe we can save our species through re-education and community. Please help support our mission!

* * * * *

For a travel update- heads up West Coast! I am excited to be teaching in California with my friend, Tom McElory, who not only survived a popular reality survival t.v. show recently but did so successfully and with his own personal flair. Check out his website at: TomMcElorySurvival.com. Our class will be in San Diego, August 21-24.

* * * * *

Have great summer everyone! Get outside and play.



February 2014

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Happy New Year!!!!!

Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful year so far. I know we have! I wanted to write to fill you in on what I have been up to and some new schedule announcements, As well as some exciting new projects!

Lisa and I just got back from a weeklong trip to Ketchikan, Alaska. All that I can say is WOW!!! I had never been to Alaska before and I am in love! We took some amazing wanders along the beach and up into the mountains as well as checked out a ton of native history. I have always held a special fascination with the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Their primitive living skills, art, and legends have always held a special place in my heart. Everything from their dwellings to their baskets were made into the most beautiful functional art that leaves me speechless when I stand in its presence. I am so thankful that so much of it has been preserved and is still practiced. We are already planning a longer summer trip and eventually may do some classes up there!


The 2014 schedule is coming along nicely and I still have dates available throughout the summer. Get in touch with us to set up a class in your area.

Here’s a quick rundown of my offerings so far– you can find more detailed info on my schedule page:

March 15-16 my good friend Bill Mcconnell from PAST skills will be teaching a “Primitive Arrow Making” class here in central Florida. I will be assisting him. He will be focusing on Arrows of the South Eastern peoples. We will be putting up the link on both our sites shortly. Bill is by far and away the best primitive hunter I know. This is a class not to be missed! Check out his website at www.pastskills.com

March 27-30
“Sacred order of survival class” in Virginia.

April 17-21
“Survival Scout” class in Arizona.

November 6-9
“Sacred Order of Survival” class in West Virginia.

I will be adding plenty to the schedule in the coming days so keep checking back!!

I am proud to announce that Grayman Knives are now the official knives of the Primitive Arts Collective!! Mike and Sue are awesome and make some of the finest most durable blades you can buy. I highly recommend them to all my students and have been for many years. I will be writing an article about my time with their blades that will be released in the near future. We will also be collaborating on an “Official” PAC blade as well!!! Go check them out www.graymanknives.com


That’s all for now folks! I hope to see you all soon!!

Giving Thanks,

Tom Brown III

December 2013

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WOW! It has been a long time since I used my blog.  Truthfully it has been a long time for many things. A long time since I put any real work into my school or my teaching.

All that has changed!

I now thankfully after a long time have some help. My good friend Evan Bergwall has signed on to be my “Consigliere” and business manager.  I could not be happier because I have a disdain for anything “Administrative”. My lack of understanding in these areas has caused me to miss some great teaching opportunities. Thankfully, Evan will be handling all my booking from now on. When you contact us about booking a class you can be assured that he will get back to you quickly and we can get everything set up. With Evan handling all the logistics it will allow me to focus on what I truly love to do. I am eager to pursue the things that really matter to me like learning from nature, teaching classes, and writing. At some point in the not to distant future you will see a book authored by yours truly.

2014 will be the greatest year yet for Primitive Arts Collective. There are many projects in the works. This year will bring many new classes and a TV venture like nothing you have seen yet. I will also be returning to New Jersey to collaborate on some classes with my father at the Tracker school.

In early February I will be teaching at the Florida Earth Skills Gathering. I love to teach at gatherings! It is awesome to both teach and learn from so many talented people. I will be teaching two classes; Primitive Hunting Techniques and a Stalking and Movement class. You can find a link to their site on my schedule page!

At the end of April, Bill Kaczor from Ancestral Knowledge and I will be teaching a “Sacred Order of Survival” class In Harpers Ferry, WV. It’s going to be an amazing class on a stunningly beautiful piece of land. Check out on the schedule page.

We are still putting together the calendar for the rest of the year so if you are interested in hosting a class please email us!

Many thanks to all of you that have supported my vision, and allow me to have the best job on the whole planet!! Much love..

I will be using this blog as a newsletter from time to time to keep everyone updated on what you can expect in the future from Primitive Arts Collective!

Give thanks,

Tom Brown III